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Memory limit for PGA, SGA or both

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Does anyone know what the exact memory limit for Oracle XE is? Is it a maximum of 1GB for the SGA and another GB for the PGA or is it only one GB for the SGA and PGA combined?



  • 241066
    241066 Member Posts: 776
    The 1 Gb memory limit is not enforced in the beta product. For production it is likely to be the combination of SGA and PGA.
  • dccase
    dccase Member Posts: 1,063
    What are the minimum values we can set for these?

    I tried to reduce them, but they wouldn't get any smaller.
  • 241066
    241066 Member Posts: 776
    By default these are set to a percentage of the available memory when you install the product. The formula used is as follows

    Total memory available for the Database (TM) = 40% of the total available
    system memory
    Total memory available for SGA & PGA (TMSP) = TM - 40 MB (to account for
    binaries and process memory)
    SGA _TARGET = 75% of TMSP
    PGA_TARGET = 25% of TMSP

    I'm guessing that for production, if TM is greater than 1 Gb, then it will be just reduced to 1 Gb for the calculation

    Depending on the total available memory, you should be able to reduce these targets. What is your total available system memory, and what are your current values for SGA_TARGET and PGA_TARGET, and what did you try to reduce them to.

    Use the memory management page in the GUI to see these - all things being equal
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