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Configuration on SLES9 failed (+ solution and workaround)

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While running "/etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure" (after having loaded the software with rpm) i got messages that user "oraclexe" and group "dba" did not exist.
They should have been created by the rpm-postinstall-script "POSTIN".
This script tests for an already existing "dba" group with "grep -q dba /etc/group".
A previous MaxDB installation had already added the line "sdba:1000:sdbadmin" to the group file, so ...

Solution: change the line in the POSTIN script to: "grep -q ^dba: /etc/group" (has to be done by the packager)
Workaround: change the "/etc/group" file before starting the rpm-install, so it does not contain the text "dba".


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