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Bug altering table? Deleting column with PK prevents new PK

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I created a table of four fields through the HTML db front end management tool. I made one of the columns a primary key and it created the proper constraint. Then, I deleted the column. Now I can no longer make a primary key on the table because it says there is one. There is no way to see the existing primary key and remove it.


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    241066 Member Posts: 776
    When you say you deleted a column, did you mean drop it ? It works fine for me via the GUI, here's the steps I took (and the relevant SQL that the GUI executed)

    Logged in as HR
    From the Object Browser go to Create Table
    Create a 4 column table - first column a number, other columns characters
    Select Not Generated for Primary Key and choose the first column as the Primary Key
    No Foreign Keys created
    No (additional) Constraints created
    Confirm Table Creation - here's the SQL generated
    CREATE table "TEST" (
    "COL1" NUMBER,
    "COL2" VARCHAR2(4000),
    "COL3" VARCHAR2(4000),
    "COL4" VARCHAR2(4000),
    constraint "TEST_PK" primary key ("COL1")

    Table created.
    In the object browser, looking a the Test table, click the Drop Column button
    Select Col1 as the column to be removed
    Confirm the Drop Column action - here's the SQL generated
    alter table "TEST" drop column
    Column gets dropped
    In the object browser, looking a the Test table, click the Constraints tab
    Table has no constraints, click Create
    Select a constraint type of Primary Key
    Select COL2 as the Primary Key
    Confirm the Create Constraint action - here's the SQL generated
    alter table "TEST" add constraint
    "TEST_CON" primary key ("COL2")
    All works tickety-boo

    Did you use different steps ?
  • 38528
    38528 Member Posts: 243
    Thanks for looking into it. You did the steps correctly. Except I now realize what my problem is. When I created the table, my Col2 was set to be unique. After dropping col1, I tried to make col2 the primary key which doesn't work with a unique constraint already there. I should have read the error message better. I was hung up on the error text that said, "... primary key already exists in the table".

    Looks like my mistake. Thanks for helping me find it.
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