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Servlet security with SSL

Hello All,

I am fairly knew to Java and Tomcat etc as I came from a non Java\Tomcat previous role but have inherited a project which is a Java servlet (Java running on Windows with Tomcat (Tomcat 7) as the container. The servlet communicates with both an Oracle database on a Unix server and a SQL server database on a Windows server. I now require to secure the communication with the SQL Server database using SSL (Two way communication) and would really like some straight forward guidance on how to do this, i.e. what exactly do I do?

I ask this because there is a lot of information on the Tomcat website and other web sites but I find it becomes very ambiguous and confusing. They mostly talk about setting up a Keystore for the root certificate on the server and then say nothing about the "client". In my servlets situation the server hosting the SQL server is the "server" and the server hosting the servlet is the "client". The server hosting the servlet ("the client") already has a keystore set up on it to handle the encryption to the Oracle database and a entry to suit in the Tomcat server.xml file.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am really stuck with this

Thank you in advance


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