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Keystore generation


How are you doing!

I want to know how does the keytool generate a keystore?

Lets say I have two seperate domains(SOA in my case), and if I generate a keystore for each of these domains, will they be same? I guess keytool is more related to JVM, so how many ever domains you have in a machine, as long as they are pointed to the same JVM, the keystore generated is the same. This is my understanding, would you please clarify on this.

Also, We are using a Virtual Machine for SOA in our company. All the machines in our team are actually the same images copied to each of the local machines. In this case, the keystores generated in different machines are the same? As it is exactly the same VM image that is being used in every machine?

What are the different criteria used for generation of a keystore? Like machine, JVM, etc?

Thanks in advance.



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