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Java Complete Reference 8th or 9th Edition?

Erica_Gibson Member Posts: 4

I am looking to obtain certification in Java SE 7. However, I am also aware that Java SE 8 will be released soon and I will need to take the upgrade exam for that in the future.

Knowing this, would it be wiser to purchase the Java Complete Reference 9th (Java SE 8) or 8th edition (Java SE 7)? Is it a valid assumption that I could learn both SE 7 and 8 content in the 9th edition book or would some key things for the SE 7 exam be left out?


  • jwenting
    jwenting Member Posts: 4,863

    Given the major differences in the core language, in effect changing Java into another language with the same name, you're not going to learn Java 7 from a book about 8.

    If you're serious about learning both, get both books and use them side by side, each for the version of the language it's intended for.

    Do keep in mind that most companies aren't going to change their toolset to include 8 for several years to come, in fact most are still using 6 and I have encountered 1.5 still last year.

    1.4 seems to be going the way of the dodo.

    AND that's just compiler and JRE versions being used. There are a lot of companies out there running 1.6 and 1.7 runtimes that still require all code to use 1.4 language level, allowing 1.5 language level only where needed for interacting with 3rd party libraries.

    Given the massive changes in 8, that situation is going to only get worse. Many companies aren't going to allow any of the new stuff to be used at all.

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