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FIPS 140 compliance with Oracle 7u51 JCE


We are seen an issue with SSL handshake for launching our Java Web Start application with JRE 1.6.x and having JRE 7u51 or higher on the server. We are using JSafeJCE with FIPS 140 compliance enabled on the server and would not like to change that. This problem is seen only when we have JRE 1.6.x or lower on the client machine launching Java Web Start. If the client machine is using JRE 1.7.x, then we do not see a problem.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? If yes, please suggest if there's any workaround. We do not want to disable FIPS 140 owing to compliance requirements. Is there any standard which we can switch to which is as good as FIPS 140?

Thanks in advance.



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