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Stored Procedure DEFAULT Input parameter is not getting assigned to the input variable.

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edited Mar 7, 2014 4:41AM in SQL & PL/SQL

Hi ,

I have stored procedure being called from a Concurrent Program. The Procedure has 4 input parameters and all have DEFAULT values. When I call the procedure through CP and pass no input vlaues , the default values are not getting assigned to the input parameters.

   PROCEDURE main (p_errbuf_o                  OUT VARCHAR2,

                   p_retcode_o                 OUT NUMBER,

                   p_updt_lastest_cost_i    IN     VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'Y' ,

                   p_new_planned_items_i      IN     VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'Y' ,

                   p_master_org_copy_cost_i   IN     VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'N' ,

                   p_debug_msg_on_i         IN     VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'Y' );

when i print the parameter its having null values.

Thank you,



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