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JavaTest Harness - does it exist?

This is most likely not the correct forum to ask this question, however I cannot find what would be the appropriate forum.

I am trying to obtain information on a technology that once existed (and maybe still does) called JavaTest Harness (or JT Harness).  What little I can find by searching on the web seems to point to sources that have not been updated since 2011, but there is also evidence that there is more recent activity.  The problem is, there is nothing definitive.  The topic seems to be associated with Java ME, although I don't understand why it would be based on the information I have been able to find.

There is software and there is documentation, but the documentation seems incomplete (or perhaps out of date would be a better qualifier).  I tried to make use of it, but the documentation left voids I could not fill.  Oddly enough, there is a lot of documentation, just not what I need to know how to "connect the dots".

Does anyone have information of this feature?  I can't seem to find anything useful by doing a search on the oracle web site; not even on this forum.  I have what I've tried, but I get this feeling that it's no longer current.

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