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Drag and Drop Issue in Java 7/8 on OSX Using CViewEmbeddedFrame

James Peltzer
James Peltzer Member Posts: 1
edited Mar 13, 2014 2:23PM in Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)

Hi all.
I'm not entirely certain how to file a bug against Java but there appears to be an issue in the EmbeddedFrame implementation created for Java 7u40 for use in SWT by the SWT_AWT Bridge.

Platform Mac OSX 10.8.5 (though the bug has also been noted in 10.9 and 10.7.3)

Java Version: 1.7.0u51 (though it has also been seen in Java 7u40/u45 and Java 8 b132)

I am using a version of SWT 3.8 with the fix to use the new CViewEmbeddedFrame back-ported (though I have also experienced the issue in the current SWT 3.102 code).

Dragging out of the CViewEmbeddedFrame works fine. Dropping onto (or within) the frame has the active part of the DropTarget offset. How much it is offset appears to depend on the distance between the top of the SWT Shell and the AWT Frame.

You can see more information about the bug here

Note: The bug report at Eclipse also features a code snippet to demonstrate the issue.

I'm looking for any insight into what might be going on or any workarounds that might be possible.

Help? Please?

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