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How do I do basic authentication in a web services client

At Linfield College we do network account management in real time via servlets running in GlassFish.  Since email accounts are hosted on Exchange, I need too be able to access Exchange to setup account, do email forwarding and also implement privacy in compliance with FERPA (a federal standard that affects to students).  The code to do all that is written in C# as an ASP.NET web service hosted in IIS.  I use Eclipse Kepler for Java EE development that includes the Web Tools Platform.  To create the client, a start by creating a Java Project and add a classfile. Then I highlight the classfile and  select new -> other -> web services.  I add the WSDL and under configuration I click client project and then finish.  That gives me a proxy stub that I can use to access all the published web methods, but what it doesn't give me is any way to implement authentication.  I want to implement basic authentication, what am I missing?


Rob Tanner

Linfield College

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