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When will Java 7 users be notified to upgrade to Java 8?

Bionicman Member Posts: 2
edited Apr 1, 2014 7:59PM in Java 8 Questions

Now that Java 8 is GA there will be a period of time that it will be available for download and installed on request but Java 7 will still be the primary Java version. Java 7 users will still receive updates to Java 7. Is there a scheduled date when Java 7 will be automatically upgraded to Java 8?


  • jwenting
    jwenting Member Posts: 4,864 Gold Badge

    you won't be, period.

    Java 7 will be supported (depending on your support contract) until at least 2022 for some users.

    By which time there will be a Java 9 or 10, maybe 11.

    And tbh many people aren't going to want to deal with Java 8 at all. There's still people (a lot of people) writing code to Java 1.4, albeit mostly now being compiled on 1.5 or 6 compilers. And that's not going to change any time soon, especially as the language has pretty much changed to something that's utterly incompatible with existing code.

  • Rogerl-Oracle
    Rogerl-Oracle Member Posts: 214

    There will be an update of JREs from 7 to 8. This will take place at some point before the End of Public updates of 7.

    This follows the same history of the 6 to 7 updates.