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Alert - Data Miner 4.0.1 Migration Issue

Alert - Data Miner 4.0.1 Migration Issue

This is an informational alert intended to provide Data Miner users with important information regarding the migration of Data Miner repositories using SQL Dev 4.0.1 (released on 2/25/2014). This is also posted on the Data Miner forum as an announcement and will also be added to the Data Miner web page.

Issue Description:

IF you use SQL Dev 4.0.1 to migrate a Data Miner repository on an Oracle Database with a version of or less,  AND you have the client system locale set so the decimal symbol is defined as a comma, THEN the migration process will not successfully copy the old workflows back into the upgraded  repository.

There is no issue if you are using an Oracle Database or above, OR you are using a locale that has decimal as the decimal symbol.

This issue could also arise in SQL Dev 4.0, but it is less likely, as SQL Dev 4.0 does not automatically reconcile SQL Dev NLS preference settings with the system locale, leaving SQL Dev set to acceptable NLS default values. SQL Dev 4.0.1 does perform this reconciliation function making it more likely that the settings may include a comma for the decimal separator.


Insert the following Alter Session statement as the first line in the following scripts used to backup workflows.

Line to Insert at beginning of files:


The workflow backup script files are located in the dataminer/scripts directory in your SQL Developer installation directory.

Files Affected:



Final Resolution:

SQL Dev 4.0.2 will include this fix, so no further action is required after performing this interim fix. Although Data Miner performs a backup of your workflows, it is best to perform your own system backup as well. In this case the workflows would have been corrupted, so an additional backup would have provided a necessary safety net.

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