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ODBC Driver struggle

Johnny F
Johnny F Member Posts: 3
edited Apr 16, 2014 1:01AM in ODBC

I'm running Windows 7 (64bit) in a corporate environment. I need to install the Oracle ODBC 64 bit version to connect with a database to make Crystal Reports run.

I did it successfully last week on a test machine and so I know it works. I sat down to repeat the procedure and document it and now it won't work.

I go to the ODBC Data Source Administrator (c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe) and there are two existing installed drivers for Excel and Access. I click the 'Configure button' and there is no error so I know I am dealing with the 64 bit jobbies.

So I download from Ora and unzip and install it (Full install or just Driver only, no difference) to C:\Oracle (I know that's not the std location but this needs to be used by multi users).

Then on the User DSN tab  I click 'Add' and scroll down the list where I am expecting to find something like 'Oracle in OraClien11g_home1'. However it is not there as it was last week!!!!! Frustrating! I have tried other 64 bit versions and the result is the same.

Can anybody steer me in the right direction please???


Datacom, Wellington NZ


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