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javac compiler seems to compile forever (maybe it hangs).

mc1976 Member Posts: 64

Hi to everyone,

I've already sent a request to Netbeans user forums  regarding this issue; following the discussion, I thought that I should ask here

to get more info, since it seems that the problem may related to JDK.

Scenario: After downloading recently released  Netbeans 8.0, and Oracle JDK 8.0, i started to recompile an huge Java project

(with +1700 classes, a lot of  GUI elements and so on) targeting to new java Platform. I have an Intel core i7 with 8 gb ram, so

computer speed should'nt be a problem.

With NB 8.0, jdk 1.8, source target 1.7 --> all classes are compiled in about 1 minute

With NB 8.0, jdk 1.8, source target 1.8 --> compile time (clean + build) takes  a huge time, and most often I need to kill

the compile task since seems to be endless.

In NB users' forum, a developer mentioned about a bug report relative to Open JDK with the very same problem.

I wonder if something similar is happening to anyone using Oracle JDK.

Thank you for your patience and help.



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