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How to add empty soap header?

SekharChandu Member Posts: 59


I created a web service proxy using WSDL and XSD files. Then, I created a sample request from client interface and sent the request as an object to call the web services. However, I am not directly calling the webservices as I am doing it through a Gateway. Here, the problem is, the Gateway accepts only empty SOAP headers and the Gateway inserts the security details in that SOAP header and will send a request to the original web services. Even if we add any element in the SOAP header, it is not accepting the request.

While sending a request through the client interface(Java class), I am not able to generate a empty SOAP header and send as request. I tried several ways adding a empty header. but no result. Is there any way we can add empty SOAP header while sending a requesting through Java class(Client interface)?




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