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RHEL 6.4 using TWM and VNC issue with mouse clicks in Java FX 2.2 app

We have a javafx 2.2 app (using jre 1.7.0_45 32-bit) which we support on windows and linux (RHEL 6.4). I know that RHEL isn't technically supported by Javafx but it generally works fine. The app is a swing main program with JFXPanels and javafx Popups on items in the javafx scene inside the JFXPanel.

A strange issue has come up when using VNC. Our Linux servers only have the TWM window manager on them and we have an issue where the mouse clicks are not working as expected. If I right click on the node no popup menu appears. The cursor changes to an X and start blinking. If I left double click on a node the normal double click action does not work.

I have found that I can get the left double click to work by holding down the left button (using mouse buttons on my HP elitebook laptop) and double click the middle button. I can get the expected right click behaviour to work by holding down the right button and clicking the middle button. I'm not an expert on TWM and have read over the TWNRC man page. I'm not sure if this behaviour is expected or not. Since the exact same binary code works as expected on a console session or using other window managers i'm not sure if should be changing java code or if there is another option.

Anyone have any ideas?



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