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How to Clone a user using SQL Developer?

sweetritz Member Posts: 183
edited Apr 17, 2014 10:17PM in SQL Developer

I have been asked to clone a user in Oracle 10g using SQL Developer . I have tired searching in Google but could not fine the steps.

Anyone can help me doing the same? I need to clone the user and provide the necessary privileges.



  • Srini Chavali-Oracle
    Srini Chavali-Oracle Member Posts: 29,596 Employee

    Moved to the SQL Developer forum - pl post future questions in an appropriate forum

    Srini Chavali-Oracle
  • SchemaCzar
    SchemaCzar Member Posts: 23 Blue Ribbon

    Doesn't look like it has an easy answer.  I keep on thinking I've seen this, but I couldn't find it.

    I'd try to export the user in some way.  Perhaps DBMS_DDL has an export user function you could use, then global search/replace on the user name.

    Good luck!

  • RobbR
    RobbR Member Posts: 102 Red Ribbon

    Can you use Data Pump Export and Import?  I'm not sure about SQL Developer, and an export and import would probably be your best bet.  You can always export the user and then import using remap_schema into another schema.

    impdp directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=mydump.dmp logfile=mydump.imp remap_schema=<old_schema>:<new_schema>
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