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Multiple User -> Bulk Upload / Data Loading (Apex)

Oracle_QDude Member Posts: 1

Greetings !

As we have a Data Loading (Bulk Upload) in Oracle APex with Copy paste or CSV file uploads, I wanted  to know, how we can achieve multi user functionality in the data loading.

Scenario -

In my schema, I have a Staging table where in I put the data without any logic, and then I execute a Stored Procedure (without any input parameters) which picks the data from the Staging table, plays with it according to the logic written and inserts that data into other tables.  This logic includes, checks for the counts, filters etc from another database tables.

Now, when we use the Oracle Apex's inbuilt Data Loading feature, and I upload a csv file with around 30,000 records. and I give my staging table as the destination table in that Process.

Once the data is loaded in that Staging table, I click on Finish, where my Stored Procedure gets executed and does all the required operations.

While doing all these things, I want to do it a multi-user functionality, where in 2 or more users coming and loading the data and with the Logic that stored procedure has, it will move the Staging data into other tables. With this I dont want mix up data from different users and the logic should be carried out for that data which that perticular user has uploaded it for.

Can anybody please help me in this ?

Thanks in Advance,




  • ChrisS.
    ChrisS. Member Posts: 132 Blue Ribbon

    You might consider adding the apex user ID as a column in your staging table, and filtering your updates on that; or direct the apex upload to a pre-staging staging table and control the transfer across to the real staging table using a scheduled background task, if you want to eliminate impact on the existing logic.


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