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Can one avoid names to be listed in packaged applications (issue tracker, for example)?

I've installed the packaged app "Issue tracker" in a workspace, but now have a problem with German's law (and maybe others), which does not allow people to make reports that explicitely mention names of employees, except if you are their manager.

So the issue tracker's reports, which can be used by anybody and display assignees' names, are not allowed by German's law !

I guess that all packaged apps have the same users control mechanism. If so, this issue is not specific to the issue tracker. Is that right?

To make the issue tracker compliant with German's law, one should be able to hide names or ideally to make them only visible by the employee's management.

Hide name would imply:

- Remove the updaters' name in the projects/issues

- Remove assignees' name in the projects/issues/reports

I guess this could be done via a plugin "display names" in the "build options".

Make names only visible to managers would imply:

- Assign a manager to each user

- Adapt the display depending on the identity of the user

Does this make sense? If so, I guess I should add an entry in Oracle Application Express Feature Requests, right?

TIA for your feedback,


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