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Berkeley DB Java Edition 6.0.11

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edited May 14, 2014 6:56AM in Berkeley DB Java Edition


I have used the je 5.0.73 dependency from Maven Central but just noticed that there is a 6.0.11 version provided from Oracle that is not available from Maven Central:

This pom lacks a source jar that I could only find in the tar.gz distribution on the Download page. Is there a reason why version 6 is not available in Maven Central?

What are the changes between 5 and 6? Should I upgrade?

Also can someone shed some light on the development process for je, i.e. releases, commercial, open source, similar concerns?




  • Greybird-Oracle
    Greybird-Oracle Member Posts: 2,690

    Hi Kristoffer,

    We have never updated Maven central -- I think someone else, perhaps who is reading the forum, did that for 5.0.73.  We should update it, but we don't quite have our act together on that.  Hopefully we'll have more info on that soon, but for now you'll need to just copy the jar file or use the Oracle maven repo.

    You should definitely read the release notes and the change log, and decide whether to upgrade.

    BDB has both a commercial and an OSS license.  Due to Oracle policy BDB does not have some of the things you might expect from an OSS project:

    - bug system is not exposed

    - roadmap is not published

    - code contributions are fairly rare, mostly due to the nature of the code -- it's a database engine, and is fairly difficult to change casually.

    What other questions about the process do you have?  I wasn't sure exactly what you wanted to know.


  • 1042840
    1042840 Member Posts: 16

    Thanks for quick answer!

    That pretty much answers all my questions -- sounds good! Some of my confusion came from the version stored in Maven Central.

    I will read the license to clear out my final thoughts.



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