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javadoc 8 can't find class in @see reference, but java 7 did

I have a project with several related projects.  Two of the projects are executable jars with the third, Tools, being classes the two share.  javadoc is having troubles compiling Tools and I can't see why.  It has only happened since I migrated to Java 8.  I never saw this issue with Java 7.  The classes I'm referencing with @see are the correct syntax and name.  But each @see to one of the other jars results in an error and the javadoc tool returns an error rather than succeeding.  If I link from the other jars to Tools' javadoc, @see works just fine.

Can someone tell me what's going on?  I added -link commands which the javadoc tool seems to accept, but it still can't find those classes.

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