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Space Issue in oracle installed on linux

2650954 Member Posts: 37
edited May 29, 2014 6:16AM in General Database Discussions


my oracle database server installed on Linux Redhat machine and app server installed on win server 2008

when it starts scheduler to prune data

I got following errors

"Error executing the procedure PrePruningProcess."

"Oracle error: Error In Making Prog Table"

"Please allocate more space or prune back the data."

my question is how to determine how much space does particular oracle instance get while starting the database.

Is there any way to increase this  space.



  • top.gun
    top.gun Member Posts: 3,666 Gold Crown

    So you are deleting data (ie pruning), but you need more storage space.

    Doesn't make alot of sense - unless the program is copying data to a new then truncatng from the original table.

    You should check if the storage is really full, or if the tablespaces can not extend anymore.

  • Emad Al-Mousa
    Emad Al-Mousa Member Posts: 716 Bronze Trophy


    there is No ORA-XXX error messages in your logs ?

    did you check your current tablespace size for the schema of your application ?


    Emad Al-Mousa
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