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Oracle patch's

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edited Jul 14, 2014 4:31AM in General Database Discussions

Hi everyone,

I need a help with Oracle patching info. I have a DB but I don't understand what does number 5 mean in version. How to check do I need to download update or not ?

1)Here says version is vulnerable, but i don't know do I neet to update or not.

2)And what the different between PSU and patch set?

3)How to check which of CPU was installed?

Example of my DB.

As you can see in my DB was installed patch set 4.воспрос.jpg

Oracle Critical Patch Update - July 2013



  • Alvaro
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    edited Jul 12, 2014 12:36AM


    1) It's "vulnerable" because it's not the current one, and by your screenshot it's not even on the latest PSU.

    2) Patch set is the general version of the release. , means you are on the "release update version" 5 of the release 10.2. PSU is the one step below, it's the patch that fixes bugs and general security problems within your patchset. So, you could be on version,, so on and so forth.

    3) CPU is an old nomenclature, it's basically a bundle of one-off patches that fixes security issues. Many of these issues are also included in the PSU mentioned above.

    You can find wich patch is installed by the opatch lsinventory command which you posted. Seems you have a with the patch 10155843 which is Patch 2 which means you could say you are on '' windows version.

  • Salman Qureshi
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    1. 5 means patchset. means Oracle 10g release 2 patchset 5.

    2. PSU are quarterly (every 3 months) released patches for bugs and security vulnerabilities.

    Above 2 should be enough to explain the difference between patchset and PSU.

    3. CPU contains only security vulnerability patches and also released quarterly. It is recommended to use PSU. Once you start applying either PSU or CPU, then you should continue using same for every next release of CPU/PSU.

    For your case, was your major release. Your patchset is which is patchset 4 because -  was patchset 1, was patchset 2 and was patchset 3

    You can use opatch utility to install any patch and also extract of details of patches applied on your ORACLE HOME.


  • Aman....
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    For #2, read this,

    For the rest, you have already got the answers.


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