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ADF Mobile - Update through Web Service (with ADF Business Components)

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edited Jun 25, 2014 12:10PM in JDeveloper and ADF

So I am doing this tutorial , updating View Objects through SOAP service

When I  - Set Property Listener - for the List Item output text, it gives me an error, as if it is not finding the attribute   -   #{row.CustId) - this is my table PK

This is coming from the findCustomerView1(Object, Object) Data Control , I am using my own BC View Object, which is a  Customer entity. The Views have the same operation method - findOBJECTView1(Object, Object)

I'm thinking that I created the View Object wrong so when it was consumed by the service and imported, it does not have the same properties?

The two View Objects look exactly the same, but I'm not an expert on creating view objects for consumption.


So I have the " Set Property Listener "  for output list item text...

From:   #{row.CustId}                             - this is the same attribute in the findCustomerView1(Object, Object) method        but I get the orange highlighted box, indicating an error

To:       #{}                   - passing the id to the next page

Type:    action





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    edited Jun 25, 2014 10:49AM

    Well I figured it out again.

    Within the Business Component View Object, because the extracted data attribute of my PK CUST_ID, caused the "Display Name" to change to Cust Id, which could not be referenced by the data control.

    How to solve

    Change the View Object and Entity Object PK attribute Display Name to CustId

    re-deploy the web service

    delete the data control from the main application in the dcx file , and create a new data control from web service SOAP

    ADF is so touchy with attribute names, why can it not just declare an exact representation of the string which it is given?

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    rohanwalia Member Posts: 1,098

    Was that question and answer

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    edited Jun 25, 2014 2:07PM

    I didn't figure it out after all..

    Now it is not accepting the attribute again. I don't get it. First it accepts it, now it does not.

    I'm not doing anything differently.

    Apparently, application file data is being stored somewhere and I don't know what's going on.

    Anyone lend a hand?

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