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sys.utl_http stopped working in batch; still works in APEX?

NancyKay Member Posts: 11 Blue Ribbon

We have a package in Oracle 11gR1 that runs a nightly "job" to produce reports; it is designed to call the Oracle Reports server via URL and create a report as pdf, then save it to a directory in the Oracle LINUX filesystem. The call in the output procedure is simple:

           MY_URL :=

'[email protected]&desname=/app/oracle/external_files/official_reports/MAY_2014_DELIV.pdf&contract=XK030&report_beg_d=05/01/2014&report_end_d=05/31/2014&subc=&sticker=OFFICIAL REPORT';




This Oracle package has worked for years with user RPD, until we moved up some rdf and report package changes yesterday.  These same four commands still work fine using APEX (with user APEX_PUBLIC_USER) in a windows-based browser (Firefox and IE), but this command UTL_HTTP.REQUEST does not produce output anymore from the Oracle package (with user RPD) and throws no exception.  There is no job in the Oracle Reports queue (exception or not) to show that the request was passed.  And, if I paste the string of MY_URL into a windows-browser, then it runs and Oracle Reports shows the job.  I'm stumped!  Please help shed light on the mystery; how can I trace or trap what's (not) happening?

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