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Weird exception in 12c (ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column)

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edited Aug 19, 2014 11:21AM in ODBC

I have a Windows app that accesses an Oracle 12c database via ODBC (the driver version is

I have a table that has a key column named REGION_ID (NVARCHAR2(9)), and about a dozen other columns, three of which are named REGION1, REGION2, and REGION3, all of type NVARCHAR2(40).

When I try to insert a string into the REGION1 field that's greater than 9 characters (the length of REGION_ID), I get an ORA-01461 error ('Can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column). If I define the length of REGION_ID to be NVARCHAR2(15), then I can add strings to the REGION1 field with a length up to 15 before I get the ORA-01461 exception again. Oddly, if I change the REGION1 column name to REGIONONE, I do not get any errors, and everything works fine. It's almost as if the column name REGION1 is being confused with REGION_ID behind the scenes.

Any ideas? I’m using SQLBindParameter to bind the columns, and all of the calls succeed. I get the exception when I execute the insert statement. This same code worked for previous versions of Oracle (11g, 10g, and 9i). And if I use an 11g client driver against the 12c server, I do not get the exception.



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