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Can I install an oracle patch on XE 11g?

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Customer Problem Description
Problem Summary
Not able to install the patch '69552 - Oracle TNS Listener Remote Poisoning' on CentOS Linux server
Problem Description
1. We have ORACLE XE installed on CentOS Linux server. Our oracle home is /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe/
2. I downloaded OPatch version for Linux 64 bit and the patch number 12880299 for '69552 - Oracle TNS Listener Remote Poisoning' from oracle support web page.
3. I tried to apply the patch '69552 - Oracle TNS Listener Remote Poisoning' using the following command:
/opatch apply -JDK $JAVA_HOME /home/oracle/12880299/
4. I get the following error:
Applying interim patch '12880299' to OH '/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe'
Verifying environment and performing prerequisite checks...
Log file location: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch2014-06-30_11-49-36AM_1.log
Recommended actions: Please make sure no other OPatch or OUI processes is running. Try to run $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/runInstsaller.
OPatch failed with error code 20
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/
$ ./opatch version
OPatch Version:
5. I also see the following in the log file generated by opatch:
OPatch found incompatible or invalid applicable product type with respect to the Oracle Home.
[Jun 30, 2014 11:49:39 AM] OUI-67035:System is intact, OPatch will not restore the system
Note: I am not sure if I downloaded the correct versions of the opatch and the patch for '69552 - Oracle TNS Listener Remote Poisoning' or not.
Please help.



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