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Master Detail Interaction not working on dashboard


On my dashboard, I have a tabular report and a pie chart. They are different views of the same Analysis. The table view and the Pie chart view and linked through the master detail interaction. i.e. when I click on a value on the tabular report, the pie chart is supposed to change based on the selection. This works fine when I test this on the Edit Analysis window. However, when I put this on a dashboard, this does not seem to work. For the first click (on the table view), it works i.e. the pie chart changes based on the selection. However, after this it does not work. When I click on the values in the table view, the chart does not change. I am using Internet Explorer 8.

I have more than 1 such master detail interactions on the dashboard. In fact 3 of them. It works for the first one, not for the other two.

Has anyone encountered this issue?


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