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I can not get Solaris Studio 12.3 debugger to work correctly

When I open my project it will show syntax errors but I can not get the program to stop at a BREAK POINT, RECOGNIZE A WATCH OR STEP INTO OR OVER A FUNCTION. i tried attaching from the OS 12.3 GUI but those capabilities stay grayed out.  Any ideas would be helpful. I have used the Debugger on earlier of Solaris Studio without problems.


  • What OS are you running on?

    What toolchain are you using?

    Let's start with something basic.

    You have a project.

    Is it compiled?

    Can you run it (inside the IDE but without involving the debugger?)

    Do you see your programs output in the output window?

    Next, let's bring in the debugger.

    First, is your code compiled for debugging, with -g?

    Choose Window->Debugging->DebuggerConsole. Initially it will be blank.

    Now select a project and from the context menu choose Debug.

    What activity do you see? (progress bars, activity in the DebuggerConsole ...)

    Normally a program should just run to completion as with Run so you should see

    it's output in the output window.

    Next, select a project and from the context menu choose "Step into".

    What do you see in the Debugger console?

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    I got the debugger working I was reproaching it incorrectly. It just stopped attaching to the project. It mentions Binary code but all my code I created as text. I am running Redhat 6.5 and SS 12.3.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you - Tommy

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    here is what I get when I follow your instructions - Tommy

    For information about new features see `help changes'
    To remove this message, put `dbxenv suppress_startup_message 7.9' in your .dbxrc
    (dbx) debug "/home/tom/SolStudioProjects/CppApplication_6/dist/Debug/OracleSolarisStudio-Linux-x86/cppapplication_6"
    Reading cppapplication_6
    dbx: fetch at 0xe490 failed -- Input/output error
    dbx: warning: could not put in breakpoint
    dbx: warning: internal handler (-80) made defunct -- could not enable event BPT
    dbx: warning: internal handler (-89) made defunct -- could not enable event BPT

  • The symptom looks like CR 19345519 (dbx does not handle AT_BASE properly on some variants of Linux systems). The problem has been fixed in current version of dbx. I am not aware of any workarounds.

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    Is there a way to upgrade SS12.3 DBX so it will work again?

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