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How To Connect To Oracle 11g Database From Microsoft Excel

Vishwamber Shetty-Oracle
Vishwamber Shetty-Oracle Member Posts: 55
edited Aug 25, 2014 12:13AM in ODBC

Hi All,

I have Windows7 64bit installed in my laptop.

I have Microsoft Excel 2007 installed.

I tried connecting to Oracle database ( This is not a local database).

Navigation used:

Data> From Other Sources > From Data Connection Wizard > Other/Advanced > Next > Microsoft OLE DB Provider For Oracle > OK

Now I get a pop up to enter:

  1. username
  2. password
  3. server

When I enter all the required details I get this error "ORA-06413 CONNECTION NOT OPEN"

Is there no need to give PORT number?


Vishwamber Shetty


  • Thameera Nawaratna
    Thameera Nawaratna Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon


    Did you install oracle client on the machine? Can you do "tnsping <SID>"? Can you connect to DB using sqlplus ?

    Try using tnsname for server name.

    Connecting to Microsoft Data Sources Through ODBC Connection  This shows how to connect using ODBC connection. I think this would be more appropriate.

  • Sdhamoth-Oracle
    Sdhamoth-Oracle Member Posts: 184 Employee

    Vishwamber Shetty,

    Are you using Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle or Oracle ODBC driver for Oracle? What is the exact version of Oracle that you using (both client and server)?

    Most common/known issue on Windows 64bit version which causes this issue and their solutions are listed below:

    If your application name, username or password, has some special characters like parenthesis or quote etc, then ORA-06413 error may be thrown. Try after changing it some normal characters.

    Also try installing Excel in different directory other than default directory ("c:\program files (x86)\") since it contains parenthesis.

    Thanks & Regards,


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