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Application Express - Page Resey

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I am working on Oracle express and I have page where I have two regions. Both of these regions appear on a condition e.g (varA is not null AND varB is not NULL). On first time when the condition is satisfied, I get the regions displayed but when I action on Any button on Region A, I get the regions disappeared but when I go and check the display condition Variables in debug, The condition seems TRUE. But still I dont get the region displayed on action on any button on these regions.

There is another page in the application which is similarly coded but works fine on these actions.

I am tired of comparing the pages and searching over net. Please suggest, if anyone has any idea to look for a fix.




  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 42,157 Red Diamond

    You've posted in the Japanese Language forums.  I guess that's not where you wanted to post your question (and unfortunately the moderators cannot move it at the moment due to an issue specifically with moving to the English language Application Express space).

    It sounds like a common issue around session state relating to the items ("variables") that you're checking.  They're either being reset to defaults or retaining values they shouldn't (depening on what you're actually trying to achieve).

    In future, please post English questions in the English Apex space...

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