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Best practices for an oracle application upgrade


We have an enterprise application deployed on Oracle Weblogic and connecting to an Oracle database (11g).

The archive is versioned and we are using Weblogic's feature to upgrade to new versions and retire old versions.

In a case of emergency when we need to rollback an upgrade, the job is really easy on Weblogic but not the same on Oracle DB.

For most of our releases, the release package is an ear plus some database scripts.

Releases are deployed with minimum downtime, so while we are releasing our clients are still writing to the DB.

In case of a rollback is needed, we need to make sure the changes we made to the DB structure (Views, SP, Tables...) are reverted but data inserted by clients stayed intact.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Flashback and RMAN TSPITR are not the good options here.

What other people usually do in similar cases? What are best practices and deployment plans for our case?

Guides and direction are welcomed.


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