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Is it possible to analyze transaction ( all IUD clauses during one commit time ) based on one IUD c

RunnerInSnow Member Posts: 1
edited Sep 16, 2014 3:07AM in SQL & PL/SQL


Is there a way to find all IUD clauses in one transaction* based on the identitiy of one IUD SQL clause which is located in V$% dictionary views?

For example:

1. Transaction is consisted from


Insert Into T1

Update  T2

Delete from T3

1.2 In V$ dictionary view we locate Update T2 set , ..where ...with host variables and constants

And on basis of this internal identification I would find

other two SQLs ( Insert, Delete ) on presumptions there is somewhere in the system recorded that

those 3 clauses happened in one commit operation.

2. Other example:

2.1 Insert Into T1...


      Update T2

      exit when...

    End Loop;


Here also able to reverse engineer that find that with Insert Into T1 is related also Update T2.

3. IS this also possible to manage same way in

    distributed db environments ( multiple instances ) or cluster environment?

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