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[ ADF, JDev12.1.3 ] backingBean bean: lots of properties to set for lots of UICs... is it better usi

Flattit Member Posts: 912 Silver Badge
edited October 2014 in JDeveloper and ADF


in my pages and fragment I need to initialize some UI components setting their properties (Enabled, Text, ...).

I'd like to define in the backingBean scoped bean, for each UIC, as many attributes as the properties to set for it and set this vars in the bean constructor


For uic1 I'd have:

private String uic1Text

private boolean uic1Visible

For uic2 I'd have:

private String uic2Text

private boolean uic2Visible


But I guess that the situation can become hard to handle if the UICs are lots of and if lots of are the properties to handle for each UIC.

So I'd like to know if there is an easy/safe approach - "Javascript like" - to call the UICs by their ID and to access their properties.

This method should work both in page and fragments (used in btf displayed in a dynamic region).




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