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Take Java 7 Certification exams now or wait for Java 8 certs?

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As Java 8 Certification is now available in Beta (which means the 'actual' Java 8 Cert should/would be available anytime soon after), I am wondering whether I should wait for that to become available and take that OR

... Proceed with Java 7 Cert. now?

I've been training up my Java skills for a few months now and I feel I am now ready to proceed with the OACJP I Exam.

But it would still probably take me 1 Year to achieve the full Java 7 Cert (another few more months for OCPJP II) - and by then Java 8 would then be available - and I don't want to take the upgrade exam straight after as that would feel I've wasted my time or so.

What's my ideal course of progression you reckon?

Opinions welcome.



  • jwenting
    jwenting Member Posts: 4,863

    Why do you want the certification?

    What are you actually using?

    TBH the certification itself isn't worth much. The knowledge gained studying for it however is quite valuable.

    If you're not going to be using Java8 in the foreseeable future (if ever) there's no reason to learn its specifics.

    If you're using Java7 a lot, learning the ins and outs of that is far more beneficial to you.

    If you're using Java7 and want to move to Java8, the things you learn studying for the exam can be very valuable for you.

    But don't place too much emphasis on that piece of paper (or plastic card, whatever you get these days).

    I've not had an employer ask for it in the decade I've been certified. And by now I no longer remember my login to the certification site (if it still has the data, they've switched suppliers several times...).

  • 2781759
    2781759 Member Posts: 2

    I have now taken Java SE 7 Programmer I exam (OCAJP) and have achieved the certification. I feel great afterwards. I've been studying for 3 and a half months. It's rewarding. I learned a lot during the studying process and it definitely is making me a better programmer than before. Never had i knew it. I'd always thought that i know a lot about the basics of Java after those so many years of coding in Java. However, doing this certification really made me aware of the pure intricacies of the language. I believe it will help a lot on your CV where it will market yourself a bit better than just a pure computing degree. Also, it will/ (and has for me) brush up your programming skills for sure. It is definitely valuable. I agree with most people that you should take the certification that is currently widely available. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Congratulations!! @2781759 .

    I learned a lot during the studying process and it definitely is making me a better programmer than before

    This is exactly the reason I give to anyone who seek advice about certification. Of course it will help on Job, promotion and will add value to your CV, but most importantly you will learn Java better.

    Regarding Beta exam, I think it's rare opportunity because you can achieve same certification in discounted price, I guess for beta it is around 60 USD while actual price ranges 350 to 360.  Anyway, you got your certification :-)

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