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Stored procedure OUTPUT VARCHAR2 value truncated using 12c client on Server 2012


1) Is there a version of Oracle Client 11g which runs on Server 2012? My, when the installer begins, says my Server 2012 (8GB mem, 80 GB drive) does not meet the minimum requirements and I should not install it. This same installer worked on Server 2008.

2) Have you seen the following behavior from Oracle client 12c? Are there any patches?

When I was unable to find a version of Oracle 11g client for Windows Server 2012, I downloaded Oracle 12c. We have a few stored procedures, when invoked from a Windows Server 2008 with an 11g client work. However, when running that some code on a Windows Server 2012 machine does not work. I have certain stored procedures with an OUTPUT parameter when executed on 2012 has the values truncated.

For instance:

Output parameter is set to return "SUCCESS", but was is received is "SUC"
Ouput parameter is set to return "AllSet", but it returns "All"
Output parameter is set to cast a NUMBER to a VARCHAR2 and the value is a 5 digit number, but only the first two digits are returned. Ex: "83976", but only "83" appears.

The above takes place when run from Server 2012, but works fine from Server 2008 and Win 7.

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