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understanding on Oracle services for Microsoft Transaction Server frm dba point of view


i read : ->

Need help to further confirm my understanding on what i read.

I am coming from the DBA angle... .


the functionality of the Microsoft Transaction server is integrated within the operating system as a COM+ server and as a .NET server,  "

can i say these is the application servers ?

and the Microsoft Transaction distributed co -ordinator components is part of it.

Question, i don't install the Oracle Recovery Services on the above system right?

Question 2, as a dba, my only concern is to make sure the Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server is installed. Is this correct ?

plus making sure to create the OraMTS administrator to run the recovery job to check for in-doubt transaction.

Question 3:

is this Oracle services for Microsoft Transaction Server used only when an application useses multiple databases in an env?

Can i say that when there is no user MTSSYS in my database, Oracle services for MTS is not used?

The reason why i ask is i am upgrading/ migrating my database and this database don't work with more then 1 database or the application does not work with more then 1 databases.

I ask the apps team all they say is that they are also not too sure. Thus need help/ advice.

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