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Workflow fails with ORA-20003

Brendan Member Posts: 235 Bronze Badge
edited December 2014 in Machine Learning

I have a workflow that is failing on a classification node, when it is run with the following errors messages

Build failed due to ORA-20003: Validation failed due to incompatible input/target/case id attributes

ORA-06512: at "ODMRSYS.ODMR_INTERNAL_UTIL" line 1191 ORA-0612: at "ODMRSYS.ODMR_ENGINE_MINING", line 2959

Using DB and SQL Dev/ODM 3.1

Any ideas what might be causing this

I've previous run the same workflow set up successfully.  But this time (for error message above) I've selected a subset (approx. 20% of the attributes) in the Data Source node




  • Denny Wong-Oracle
    Denny Wong-Oracle Member Posts: 183

    Hi Brendan

    There are number of reasons for the error.  For example, case id is not unique.

    There should be a more specific error message right before this error (in the event log) that could give you more hint.

    Send me the workflow if you can, so I can take a closer look.


  • Brendan
    Brendan Member Posts: 235 Bronze Badge

    Thanks Denny

    These were the only errors given in the event log.

    They were produced when doing and attribute importance with no PK defined.  Also on the classification node  with no case id defined.

    Sorry cannot (not allowed) to share the workflow.

    Any other ideas?


  • Denny Wong-Oracle
    Denny Wong-Oracle Member Posts: 183

    Hi Brenda

    Here are the possible causes of the error:

    missing input attribute

    input attribute data type mismatch

    non-unique case id

    target is not found

    missing target attribute

    invalid target datatype (acceptable types are 'VARCHAR2', 'CHAR', 'NUMBER', 'FLOAT')

    target contains all NULL values

    target contains all unique values

    target contains only one distinct value

    target > max distinct count (1000)

    target contains NULL values

    target contains space values


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