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JNLP Arguments in OSX

I have a Web Start application deployed for both OSX and Windows. In both environments, I'm using java 8 update 25.

The JNLP contains program arguments. This works fine. Here is a snippet from my JNLP. Have a main that picks up program arguments, but then calls the Eclipse web start main.

<application-desc main-class="my.package.ParameterAwareMain">





     <!-- below are sometimes dynamic -->

      <argument>-v</argument> <argument>00000018WHA101385GYZ</argument>


Sometimes the server adds arguments to the list, which tell my application to do certain things on startup...or if already started up, to pass them to a javax.jnlp.SingleInstanceListener.

This works fine on Windows, but not on OSx. I put a break in my ParameterAwareMain class, and find that I'm not receiving the dynamic arguments...just the arguments that were sent when the application was first installed.

Any ideas?

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