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Windows speech recognition in AWT TextArea

MarcoNL Member Posts: 3
edited Feb 5, 2015 11:32AM in Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)


I am making some tests with Windows 7's embedded Speech Recognition engine, but I am unable to make it work with an AWT TextArea I have in my Java Web Start application.

Globally, my Java Web Start application is based on a Swing GUI, but I embedded an AWT TextArea inside a dedicated JDialog exactly for the purpose of making it "better compatible" with Speech Recognition systems. My purpose is to have voice dictation converted to text inside my TextArea. But Windows Speech Recognition does not work at all inside my AWT TextArea.

Can anyone guess why, and maybe provide some suggestions to make it work?

If I try inspecting my TextArea through Microsoft's Spy++, it is recognized as a "RichEdit20W" control, which is a Windows native control which I think should be supported by the Speech Recognition system... but it does not work. On the other side, Speech Recognition works fine for instance in Windows' Notepad application...

Any suggestion or comment would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,



  • morgalr
    morgalr Member Posts: 457
    edited Feb 5, 2015 11:32AM

    While I have not encountered your exact problem, I can tell you what I have found in he past.

    Spy++ probably found enough information, or was confused enough, to ID a RichEdit20W source. This does not make the source a RichEdit20W fully compatible source.

    That being said: you may have to make your own control, via JNI, that has the level of compatibility you need, or set up a pipe to feed the data to the speech recognition engine.

    Good luck!

    BTW: the last time I called into MS for support that tech's prefaced his answer with: "Not surprising, we don't even work well with ourselves."

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