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daapi_config.json on RPi

Gianmaria Member Posts: 4
edited Feb 10, 2015 8:24AM in Java ME Embedded

Hello All,

is there any documentation on how to edit daapi_config.json? I'm tring to configure PIN 25 as output pin and have a PULL-UP, PULL-Down.

I cant find any documentation on this file (modem direction, trigger and so on).



Best Answer

  • Sergey.N-Oracle
    Sergey.N-Oracle Member Posts: 99
    edited Feb 9, 2015 7:59AM Answer ✓

    Hi Gianmaria,

    unfortunately there is no such document but rules rather are simple.  Numeric values are equals to those from the spec, property names are similar to *Config class fields with substitution of "device" by "controller", e.g. "controllerNumber" instead of "deviceNumber"




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