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Version of jvm.dll compatible with 64-bit development on Visual Studio 2013?

Hi.  I am building a 64-bit C++ application under Visual Studio 2013. I am using jvm.dll to call Java methods from within the application.  The issue is that the version of jvm.dll that is distributed with Java 7 and Java 8 are compiled with Visual Studio 2010 (and thus rely on the msvcr100.dll runtime library).  This makes it very dangerous to use with a Visual Studio 2013 application which uses msvcr120.dll (mixing runtime libraries is a very big no-no).  I am seeing random memory errors as a result, at the JNI interface level.

Is there any way to get a version of jvm.dll that is compiled with Visual Studio 2013 and is thus dependent on msvcr120.dll?



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