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"tns poison" vulnerability. Oracle XE

2835604 Member Posts: 2

It seems that I have the "tns poison" vulnerability.  CVE 2012-1675 - Oracle Security Alert CVE-2012-1675) on my Oracle XE

Could I apply the patch Patch 14046710  dedicated to Oracle standard edition ?

Thank you in Advance.



  • Srini Chavali-Oracle
    Srini Chavali-Oracle Member Posts: 29,596 Employee
    edited Mar 2, 2015 9:51AM

    Patches are not available for XE edition. You could try to apply the standard edition patch, but you will have to deal with any consequences

  • BrianPa
    BrianPa Member Posts: 255
    edited Mar 2, 2015 10:03AM

    Rather than attempting to patch something without official patches and potentially breaking your license to use it, I suggest disabling listener dynamic registration and configuring a static local_listener parameter within your XE database.  The TNS poison vulnerability relies on dynamic listener registration, and by disabling it we should no longer have risk from this vulnerability.

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