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implement pool.getConnection with wait

vbuehringer Member Posts: 25
edited Sep 25, 2015 6:43PM in Node.js

I resolved the problem with events ( waiting on a event, if no available connection, and event.emit after release )

but the pool should be implemented with waiting and not error, if no connection is available

in a pure request driven api without sessions could be much more concurrent requests than connections


the waiting should be implemented with a configurable timeout (milliseconds) if the connections are

not available for a longer period, mostly caused by  long running db-calls

(the http-request also times out )

perhaps there should be a combination of:

- get connection

- execute

- commit

- release con.

in one function

this would simplify the handling ( one callback instead of four )

( in case of error: rollback and release )

multiple sql-statements can be combined in a procedure  on the server

and this sequence is sufficient for most rest-apis