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how to create SSD in jcop 2.4.2.R2

Ranjini HK
Ranjini HK Member Posts: 3
edited Mar 23, 2015 4:17AM in Java Card

Hi All,

Can anyone please help in understanding how to create a supplementry security domain in java card. Am creating a dummy applet and trying to uplad it & install it as a security domain with the following params. But unfortunetly am not successful in it. So please guide how to create an SSD & extradite an applet into it.

I have followed the steps mentioned in the link : Install Applet in new Secure Domain

                                                                           How can I create a new Security Domain ?

  1. Select
  2. upload -c -b 250 "sc.cap"
  3. install -i A0000015111213 -s -b -e -q C90145 A00000151100 A0000015111213

But my istall is failing with an condition not satisfied error.

And please let me know whether there is a way to know that whether my card supports extradition or not.

Please help me. Its urgent.

Thanks in advance.

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