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ODP.NET and PowerPivot for Excel

croma Member Posts: 1
edited Apr 14, 2015 4:14AM in ODP.NET

Hi All, very new to Oracle and Oracle Community, I hope I'm asking a legitimate question in the right place, if not please tell me.


Windows 7 x64 with MS Office ProPlus 2013 x86

Hoping to be able to connect to a remote Oracle DB from a PowerPivot connection, without installing Oracle Client and without configuring TNSNAMES.

In PP going through 'Get External Data' -> 'From other sources' -> 'Oracle' and selecting 'Advanced' properties I've seen in 'Providers' combo the choice "Oracle Data Provider for .NET".

Therefore I downloaded ODP.NET_Managed121020 folder and performed xcopy/deployment running install_odpm_bat [platform:both] [machine wide:true].

After that, choosing 'Oracle Data Provider for .NET' in PP/Excel I still see the message "Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Provider. It may no be installed'.

The Question: is it possible what I'm trying to achieve? Anyone knows to which Oracle .NET provider PP refers to?

More Info:

I successfully developed an alternative VSTO solution with Excel connecting through Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll (auto deployed with ClickOnce) from inside the workbook code.

But that way I'm limited cause I can only fill Excel Tables with data from Oracle and link them in PP.

I'd like to avoid that and creating the Data Model in PowerPivot directly.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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