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setup service import doesn't work

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edited Apr 30, 2015 5:54AM in JDeveloper and ADF

there's export and import function for setup service, but import function doesn't work. code is template code. here is error log.

FINEST: Error in import: ObligTemplate: JBO-25026: Row oracle.jbo.Key[300100051314876 ] with XML tag ObligTemplateVORow cannot be loaded.JBO-25027: Attribute ObligTemplateAssignment at index 40 with XML tag ObligTemplateAssignment cannot be loaded.JBO-25016: View object ObligTemplateVO_ObligTemplateAssignment_ObligTemplateVOToObligTemplateAssignmentVO_ObligTemplateAssignmentVO is read-only.

did anyone ever met this before, can you share ur solution ? Thanks a lot.

jdev: 11.7

weblogic: 10.3

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