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IvanBolcina Member Posts: 71
edited May 12, 2015 6:06AM in APEX Discussions

What is equivalent of javascript call "'DETAIL');" in version 5.0?



  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Member Posts: 6,202 Gold Crown
    edited May 12, 2015 1:37AM

    Bumping because I'm curious myself. This presentation from Karen seems to mention everything but.

  • Tom Petrus
    Tom Petrus Member Posts: 1,151 Gold Trophy
    edited May 12, 2015 6:06AM

    This functionality has been made private with the move to a jQuery UI widget. That whole paper's part on JS can actually simply be disregarded. The only public functionality is "refresh" and reading  some (useless to us) options. And well, these last 2 sentences actually:

    Developers that have customizations that rely on the old IR JavaScript must review and update their code.

    Well, not much to review since it'd all be broken and near unfixable anyway.

    Again, it is not expected that customized use of the IR JavaScript functions will be supported. Developer beware … 

    Yeah, well. I don't think anybody expected wild things anyway.


    This happened to most other functionality which you could previously access through gReport. And there is no 'clean' way to fix this right now (call a method on the widget). Much like "paginate":

    You can actually do the same as I did there bar some changes. See here ==> (set ir view mode)

    The other thing you can do:

    1) make sure the detail button is visible (option set to yes in the designer)

    2) emulate a click on it, along the lines of

    apex.jQuery("#YOUR_IR_SELECTOR button.a-IRR-button--views[data-view=details]").click()

    I'd really like to lament not having more public functions available but that's where it stands right now. I understand how gReport was probably used all over the place and how some things were exposed that maybe shouldn't have, but right now I feel we've lost some power. I don't see how having to do these click events is in any way more safe than having used gReport. I actually feel disappointed. I'd not expect to have everything opened up publicly, though here was a chance to do so properly and in a controlled way instead of boxing everything in. Oh well, must be me.

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