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APEX5, how to change parsing scheme - invalid column

Paavo Member Posts: 662 Silver Badge
edited May 4, 2015 2:39PM in APEX Discussions


Application Express

Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

Theme 25

I have challenge due wrong parsing schema for application classic report columns imported from other schema 'someschema' and upgraded to Apex5.

From Apex workspace with applications parsing schema 'someschema' --> To Apex workspace with 'otherschema' as parsing schema.

So for Classic Reports --> Columns there are INVALID definitions.

UI Defaults --> Table Owner --> someschema INVALID

UI Defaults --> Table Name --> sometable

UI Defaults --> Column --> somecolumn INVALID

The application works but when trying to change the Table Owner "someschema" to "Parsing Schema" then the freehand generated SQL columns "Table Name" and "Column" gets resetted.

UI Defaults --> Table Owner --> PARSING SCHEMA

UI Defaults --> Table Name -->

UI Defaults --> Column -->

Is there way to globally toggle the UI Defaults 'Parsing Schema' so it is not necessary to go numerous columns one by one?

In the Applications list the Parsing schema shows correctly for the application as 'otherschema'.

Rgrds Paavo

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